“The value of energy”

Wind energy has always been the engine of ships and used to power windmills.
The use of energy from this inexhaustible source has been subsequently replaced by the spread of electricity.
The fear of a climatic upheaval caused by gas emissions and the necessity to find new energetic sources with a low environmental impact has promoted a renewed interest towards electric power produced by renewable energy and therefore also wind.
Our task is to acquire and spread a well-being culture founded on the research of energy which do not alter the natural balance of our Planet. Renewable energetic sources have revealed themselves to be effective in respect of the atmosphere and concerning the market by being economically convenient.
“To convert necessity into opportunity”, this is what Enerwings proposes to its own customers in order to generate a virtuous energetic chain.
The company manages the entire process going from the production to the transmission and distribution of the energy. It proposes tested solutions that answer to the complexity of the contemporary scene.

The value of energy