Site verification
We research the proposed wind turbine site using cartographic mean;
We control the presence of specific restrictions of the site and the geo-referenced positioning of the existing electrical network.
We visit the site together with the client to identify the possibility of wind turbines installation.
We make a morphological analysis of the landscape and eventual restrictions of wind flux.
The first valuation of the wind is done by a portable anemometer. After we verify the nearby electrical lines with transformers for the eventual connections.
In the end there is a compilation of the connection request and the associated project documentation such as technical report, cartographic positioning and all that is necessary for the request.
P.A.S. Wind Turbine: Construction, Supervision and Testing
We draft the necessary documents to fill the form for the Notice of Start of Activity (PAS).
We make all the necessary geological report for the calculation of the foundation: direction, installation of the wind turbine directed by one of our qualified engineer.
We draft the preparatory documents to obtain the permission required. We test the foundation with one of our qualified technicians.

The solutions