Security first of all

The security of the generator is guaranteed by active and passive systems.
Those active intervene in case of malfunction and with the systems of logic and power fed.
This means that you can implement all the procedures to safely stop the generator.
In the condition of non-powered systems and therefore in a position of extreme emergency intervene passive systems, such as hydraulic brakes with the purpose of placing the generator in safety until it is rectified. Inside the tower is installed a scale that allows the entry in nacelle for maintenance, in addition to being used for the assembly procedures.
The operators, in this case are within the tower during the installation and access on special galleries to fix the various sections.
This solution also improves the comfort, both for installation, maintenance both in allowing a better accessibility even in moderate wind.
The rotation of the unit is limited to a maximum of two rounds to ensure the integrity of the internal wiring. Particular attention is paid to the safety of operators in the unit.
In addition to the standard equipment of points for the anchorage, there is provided a door of safe evacuation, where, through the use of a descender the staff can descend from the unit externally to the tower.
A careful study has allowed us to enter the appropriate safety devices during lightening.

The security first of all