Serie Hawk 50/16 “Mini is better”

The Generator “Hawk 50/16″ with nominal power of 50.00 Kw, consists of a three-bladed rotor with a diameter of 16,00 meters, with anticlockwise rotation and conforming to the regulation IEC EN 61400-1 category II A.
The number of rotations is 67,00 rpm, it limits the sound pressure minimizing the noise to the different conditions the wind is blowing.
The Hub is directly connected to the generator ‘direct drive’ with permanent magnets with a high electromagnetic efficiency.
It has a better flow of thermic exchange between the ring structure and the big diameter bearings.
The generator has an advanced remote control system to monitor the state of functioning and the production.
The Blades, made of fiberglass and resin with an under vacuum method of infusion, and they are designed using special airfoils optimized for maximum performance.
Best performances are guaranteed at low winds with a large surface to the root and prestrain of 600 mm, which increases the safety distance between the tip of the blade and the tower with maximum efficiency generative.
Blades are equipped with a security system anti-detachment with a steel cable anchored to the hub and with a lightning protection device in accordance with CEI O-21.
Each blade has an innovative and patented control system made with a single torque motor placed inside.
The blades are mutually independent and free to perform rotations of pitch angles greater than 120 degrees.
The Nacelle is equipped with ample space and it allows the permanence of two maintenance workers.
Inside there are paintings of the turbine control, hydraulic pump for automatic lubrication of the bearings, the emergency brake and the motor with reduction gear for the orientation of the generator with the wind.
The reference is obtained by analyzing the information of the ultrasonic anemometer placed on its top.
The Support Tower is made of steel S355JR conical tubular shape and it is composed oftwo sections jointed with flanges and a height of 24,00 meters, diameter base of 2,00 meters and 1,22 meters in the head.
The tower is connected to the foundation by the anchor bolts. It is painted both inside and outside with a thickness of 320 microns (guaranteed term of protection for 20 years).
Inside there are positioned power cables, control equipment and production and a climbing ladder with anti-fall device certificate EN353-1.
The latter is used for mounting procedures and it allows the entry in the cage for maintenance.

Technical file Hawk 50/16 : Hawk

Mini is better