“Enerwings, A team of professionals”

The company consists of a team of professionals who firmly believe in an innovative project for the construction of a new range of direct drive wind turbines.
We are revolutionizing the way to build turbines, making them simple in construction, reliable and profitable.
Nowadays the market of mini wind turbines is booming because it allows the production of energy to public authorities as well as private persons.
With a low investment you can make an interesting economic profit guaranteed over time.
The regulations have imposed strict limits for large wind farm and, on the contrary, they have simplified authorization procedures for mini wind turbines (becoming one of their strong points).
Enerwings is constantly investing in research and development of the products also in collaboration with international companies leaders in the field.
We share our knowledge concerning the management of the electronic control system of the products, and with our technical team, regarding the realization of airfoils, aerostatic analysis, and the resistance and efficiency tests needed to have the certification of the products.
Keep on investing in research and development is a clear business strategy we adopt to compete in this highly innovative sector.
In the near future technological progress will allow to equalize the ability to generate energy from wind turbines to that from conventional systems.

A team of professional