Designed to be “simple”

The hub is connected to the electric generator with permanent magnets, it is directly connected to it without multipliers interposed.
It has the characteristic of being cable, this allows the passage of the operator from the spacecraft to the inside of the hub.
The ring structure makes its application optimal, improving the exchange of the flow of heat and ensuring a long life thanks to its large diameter bearings.
The inside of the hub is free and accessible to the maintainer, who can safely perform the service.
This represents a novelty for a generator of this power; a small wind turbine with a great accessibility.
The rear zone called nacelle is equipped with plenty of space, allowing the permanence of two maintenance workers.
It has a motor with gear for the orientation of the generator with the wind. The reference is obtained by analyzing the information from ultrasonic anemometer placed on its top.
In this way it improves the ability to produce energy.