Customer Care: “For a lifetime”

To ensure success and profitability, the company Enerwings follows the client from the choice of the installation site and for the entire life cycle of the system with a series of services.
Contract for scheduled maintenance and availability of insurance
At the request of the purchaser, there may be a contract of scheduled maintenance of the wind turbine for a period agreed.
It is a series of checks and maintenance reports which will be made by qualified personnel
Guarantee of availability
With the guarantee of availability Enerwings wants to ensure the proper functioning of the wind turbine for a minimum number of hours equal to 98% of the total hours per year.
This service is for customers who sign a contract for scheduled maintenance.
Guarantee “full live” twenty years
At the request of the purchaser, the company Enerwings can extend maintenance contracts for extraordinary maintenance consequential to damages that may arise during the twenty years following the date of its installation.
Coverage extends to all mechanical and electrical parts that are part of the supply and whose failure or intermittent operation is due to manufacturing defects.
The extension of the maintenance contract guarantees the replacement and/or repair of damaged parts of the wind turbine as well as the cost of labor required for intervention, with the exclusion of consequential indirect damage.

For a lifetime